dreamers at the bar

"You have to have it and then, kind of not be thinking about it -- 
and allow it to happen.  That's what I'm thinking."

We're Asking Dreamy Coffee Lovers
To Share Their Dreams . . 

Just jot down your dream
and drop in into our Dream Box
at our flagship location @
Sylvester and Co., Sag Harbor, NY
where we're keeping the dream alive on Main Street

"It takes a lot of heart and hard work to make a dream come true —"

So why not take a break
from your every day?

Stop in and dream again.

Dreamy Coffee
brought to you by

Sylvester and  Co.

Summertime And The Dreaming Is Easy

Bluefish are jumpin'
And the traffic is nigh.

The corn is sweet
And the beaches are plenty-

So hush little baby...

Cuz' one of these mornings
You're gonna rise up singing

Speak your dreaming...

And take to the sky.

Happy July.

It's That Time Of Year

Cool evenings, warm afternoons.
The sent of honeysuckle on the vine.

Escaping the city early on Friday
To your weekend retreat --

Far from the crush
of deadlines and emails.

Where ever you find
Your little piece of heaven

Take a cup of Dreamy Iced
with you --

And, sip by sip . . .

Feel your mood lighten
See the clouds float by
And watch the worries of the world
fade away.

The dream starts where ever you are.


Join The Haiti Relief Effort In Your Hometown

Relief efforts to assist the people of Haiti don't have to seem far away thanks to the social conscience of shop owners in your hometown.

On counters at coffee bars across the nation donation jars such as ours at Sylvester & Co. in Sag Harbor, N.Y., urge the young and young-at-heart to reach in their pockets and drop a dollar in.

Like our "Change The World One Cup At A Time" campaign, the power of grass roots giving is contagious and rewarding as individuals such as yourself step up and donate their pocket cash to those less fortunate.


The power of small change and small changes can be seen in Pepsi Cola's ground-breaking decision to not spend tons of dollars on Super Bowl commercials - but instead promote its Pepsi Refresh Project which gives away millions of dollars in grants each month to causes you and your neighbors can vote on -- programs surprisingly designed to change the very neighborhoods you live in.

Looking for another way to connect the dots?

Check out Kevin Bacon's 6 Degrees campaign where the popular game of connecting to any other person in the world through six relationships is elevated to doing some good in the world.


Ways to donate and share your good fortune with someone less lucky are springing up by the minute.

Choose a program that speaks to you and get on aboard the train.

Resolve To Change The World . . .

One cup at a time.

Think about it.
When you pick up your cup of coffee
on the way to work
you could be doing your part
every day in a small way.

Small changes every day
add up to big results.

At Dreamy Coffee
we have a big small idea
with you in mind...
Why not put
your 2 cents in?

With every cup of Dreamy Coffee
we will donate 2 cents to
a favorite cause of your choosing.

Returning for that 3 o'clock pick me up cup?
Add another two cents to your bean counter.
Go ahead, bring a friend.

Americans consume upwards of 1400 million cups of coffee a day.
If only one percent of them drank Dreamy Coffee
And donated their 2 cents to a worthy cause,
that would add up to a big hill of beans.

And day by day
the world would get
a little bit better.

And you and your friends
could say you helped.

Join the campaign to dream again.

That Dreamy Time Of Year

Sweets to charm
ffee to warm -
A cup to go as you scurry on by
Spreading holiday cheer to those far and near
Together again we rely
On wishes that hear your thoughts crystal clear
In that dreamy time of year.

Go ahead and allow yourself
The icing on the cake -
The wishes that you make...

Lights in the snow where ever you go.
Make dreamy the time you spend.

That's the magic inside-
The taxi cab ride
That circles t
he park
And waits in the dark.

The city calls...
The country enthralls
Find tim
e to walk and to lend.

The coffee's on
And if the folks have gone -
Make dreamy
The thoughts you send.

Taking A Drive To The Country

Talk at the coffee bar is
where does the time go?

Everyone's wondering how it got to be that time of year already. With afternoons in the mid-60s it's hard to believe Thanksgiving is just a handful of days away.

That's good news for us since we'll be seeing familiar faces returning to the coffee bar as they gather together to celebrate the change of season.

How great to drive out to the country for the long holiday weekend?
The fall harvest abounds -- in the fields and the bays
and on our Main Streets. It's all here.

And what better place to begin to say thank you?

Be sure to stop in and
add your 2 cents to the
Dreamy Coffee campaign.

You too can change the world
-- one cup at a time.

While you're at
remember to go ahead
and dream again.
Post A Dream...